Public Building + Institution Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli Competition 2015 | Winning Entry

This is a proposal for a new Vegetable Market at Silvassa. The market consists of two blocks each with two floors housed with shops with different facilities yet related to one another with a flat roof supported on a steel frame.

This steel frame is a dominant feature and defines the semi open and covered spaces. The frame is an elegant triangulated system with steel sections that support a roof with translucent poly carbonate sheets which will protect from weather yet let in light. One important aspect is the connection between the market halls and the plaza.

We have retained most of the trees around the site and some new plantations around which we intend to have outdoor stalls. The border between inside and outside is very fluid. There are no steps and makes the market completely accessible to people with different abilities. The idea was to have a feeling that the market is a part of the street and that its completely public.

The market building in combination with the outdoor plaza is very important. The semi open and open market are important because it would be less expensive for the vendors and allow more cheap produce. The range of shops attracts range of prices which ultimately invite in everybody and this is an important aspect we have looked at in this design proposal.

This new market will attract a lot of other new shops and public facilities which will enhance the neighbourhood and contribute to its economics. The market will not be a buzzing place during the day because of all the market activities but the later during the day and towards the evening converts itself into an eateries outlet with food stalls and takeaways.