Institutional Ahmedabad Proposal

The new Research and Development building is located as an independent, rectangular building blocks with three levels connected via terraces, bridges and staircases. The building consists of 3 major elements; the blocks, terraces and a steel canopy.

Blocks | The office facilities like Reception area, display area, conference rooms and training rooms are situated as different blocks, at the ground floor connected by pathways. The first floor features workstations and meeting rooms which are reached from a gallery area connected by a transparent glass walkway. The third level consists of an open green leisure terrace and a single workspace area.

Canopy | The louvered steel canopy extends up to three floor height contrasting the building with the play of light and shade.

Streets | The main feature of the building is the circulation. These are designed to create a street, invoking intrigue into the overall environment of the building rather than confining it as a big block. They also act as common spaces in the building providing the users a connection with nature as well as the surrounding environment.