Architecture + Landscape Pune Completed

A 1000 sq. ft recreational, leisure and entertainment space set within the core of a residential scheme couldn’t be imagined more than a pavilion. The basic requirements of a gym, recreational and leisure space changing facilities for the swimming pool had to be compressed in the bare minimum area with a ground foot print of 700sq.ft.

The intention design a pavilion or an open building than a closed one allowed the landscape to be integrated with the space, blurring the boundaries between the inside and outside. Strategically located pool at one end and lawn on the other exaggerates the minimal built footprint, making it look a part of a large premise.

The pavilion has a double height space that overlooks the pool on one side and the landscape area on the other. A gym located on the first floor has visual connection to the pool, the ground floor of the pavilion and the landscape on the other end. The roof slab of the pavilion has a proposed green roof for future plantation maintaining the thermal insulation for the space below and a visual delight for the residents.

An external stair takes one upto the gym, is customized and fabricated with mild steel sections. The design of the stairs is such that all the treads are hung from the beam with minimum supports from the wall and with seasoned teak wood treads.

The external surface for the façade in stonecrete plaster while the floor was proposed of river finished kadappa. The scheme for the entire landscape was kept with minimum lines so that the landscape doesn’t over power the built form.