Industrial + Commercial + Hospitality Ahmedabad Completed

Hatian International is a part of a new upcoming Industrial Park situated at the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The simple, linear planning for the site of 40,000sqm campus defines 3 zones, the factory footprint is 20,000sqm, the office building built up is 2,500 sqm and the residential building built up is 2,500 sqm.

Factory | The factory is designed as a PEB structure with facilities of painting booth, rail line for goods and water, oil, air pipes running in each bay and terminated at alternate column. The entire factory unit has 5 cranes 10 T, 32T and 50 T. The entire factory floor is done in epoxy finish to minimize maintenance activities in addition to its industrial character.

Office Building | A g+3 structure. The ground floor hosts conference rooms while floors above have a typical office floor plan to accommodate 100 employees

Residential Building | The residence building houses 22 rooms, among which 3 are specifically designed as VIP's suites. It also features a Basketball Court with recreational landscape areas and an entertainment zone for Chinese expats.