Religious + Institution Ahmedabad Proposal

An Upashray is an abode where the Jain sadhvis reside and perform worship to seek their guidance for their spiritual endeavor. Hence, religious understanding was an important factor in the design and this was taken into consideration from the beginning.

The proposal features a central courtyard, prayer hall, small dinning facility with a kitchen alongside, and 6 rooms for the sadhvis.

The exteriors are composed with raw stones to keep the essence of solitude while the internal spaces are planned to create openness.

The entry to the Upashray is via a small passage that opens up to the entrance court and a central courtyard. The central courtyard was planned as the focal point of the Upashray and all the spaces were built around it. The circulation passage of the building runs along the boundary wall thus providing every room with privacy and a view towards the inner courtyard.

The rest rooms, kitchen and dining spaces are placed outside the building and are connected by small passages such that these don’t interfere with the functions of the Upashray.