Public Garden Daman Completed in 2020

This site offered a perfect opportunity to re-create public loci where the land meets the sea and sky. This distinct brief led to a design investigation to create a public place that resonate people’s aspirations and establish a sense of reverence to the water, a multi-faceted space for all age groups and capturing the beautiful play of southern sun in the vast ocean.

To this response, the first priority was to establish a pavilion on the cardinal axis that would become a focal point of attraction along the waterfront and create a sense of shade and comfort along the south facing promenade. The pavilion had to be lean, non-obstructive, multi layered, modular yet rhythmic that captures the stark sunlight and creates a possibility of spatial experience. The entrance spine was created as an extension of the street to the water edge and on its either sides are designated spaces for kids play zone, senior citizens corner and larger landscaped areas.

In all the new garden design aims to provide a welcoming street presence, a great public space, relation with water and sky along the promenade and an enhanced last urban park in Nani Daman area.