Public Building with Mixed Use Facility + Urban Insert Carlsberg Completed

The principle aim was to accommodate the public space with a broad appeal to visitors, who wished to be challenged, engaged and entertained by one of the finest brands. The focus was to create an engaging space that would transform the Carlsberg site to re-enforce and strengthen its relationship with the site and the surrounding urban fabric.

Mountains for a flat country: The intention was not to mimic nature with fake organic forms. This was for two reasons: firstly mountain scapes are not soft but hard and sharp. Secondly it was important, and keeping in site’s industrial past, to retain a deliberate manmade structure. The concept was that nature has ‘take- over’ this old industrial site: over manmade hard lines, nature has triumphed, and so, what was a steel skeleton has been purified and decontaminated under a green and organic skin. We decided to incorporate the jagged fault line that lies beneath the site and making this into one of the major axis that connects two ends of the site.