Institution + Public Building Finland Competition Entry

Scale The cultural and urban significance of this new museum shop is expressed by a befitting scale and a visually stimulating built form. The first impression from afar is of a distorted cuboid with an inclined roof and skylight depicting a ice block. The overall scale of the building sets up an urban prominence whilst the roof profile and articulation is reminiscent of the exiting context.

Directionality The directionality of the proposal accentuates the primary orientation - East West, whilst at the same time allowing multiple views of the hills towards North West and the university shared square towards the East.

Street The new museum shop not only allows visual connectivity but it was also imagined as a gateway between the Kekussairaalantie and Alvar Aalon Katu.THE EXTENSION | NEW MUSEUM SHOP

Crack The new museum shop is a cuboid with a ‘CRACK’ that runs along the longitudinal direction of the built form. The crack is perceived as an intersection of two jagged lines that are taken as reference from the two existing building edges facing the competition site ‘the ALVAR ALTO MUSEUM and the MUSEUM OF CENTRAL FINLAND’. This inspiration from the existing context makes the building extremely contextual and relevant to this particular site.

Colour The new museum shop is proposed in ‘RED’ pigmented concrete - a reference from the clay tiled roofs from the old cities in Finland.